Perfect 5th

We are currently no longer performing after 23rd November 2018

Rocking Kents Socks Off

One Gig At A Time

On Vocals



On Keyboards


Mike Reeve is our Keyboard player and also plays second guitar. With more equipment than you can shake a stick at, Mike bounces and rocks each set with energy and charisma.


Music has played a huge part in Mikes life, playing guitar from a young age. Several years ago Mike discovered a love for playing keyboards and the rest is history.

On Lead Guitar



On Drums


With a pair of sticks and his feet beating several times a second Pete Yarwood keeps time and rythym for the band .

Once again, Pete has been playing for many years in a variety of bands but classic rock is his passion and he plays it brilliantly.


Even though he plays at the back Pete loves the limelight and when he works out how, would love to be at the front.

On Bass


Our Bass guy is Chris Dunn. An accomplished musician, Chris is at home on many instruments but loves the bass guitar.


Chris has played in bands both in the UK and America with a wide range of genres including Southern Rock and Country.


Chris has also run his own music school and is now firmly established as one of the best bass players in one of the best covers bands in Kent!

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